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We provide cord blood storage services to families who want to plan for a healthy future.

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Here at Cord Blood Banking USA we are all motivated by the same goal – to be there for our customers. It is of our highest priority to be able to respond in time for the people in need when they call upon it. Furthermore, our huge responsibility is to keep our staff up to date with the newest stem cell studies and information so that they can give relevant advice to our customers.

Our Mission

“We work tirelessly with doctors from all across the United States so that our customers are left with nothing but the best treatment possible. We follow some of the industry’s highest ethical and quality standards when it comes to processing and storing your blood and data.”

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Cord Blood Bank Companies

Nowadays, new diseases are being found and old ones keep taking lives in bigger rates. The medical frontier has always had a trick up its sleeve and we know for sure that stem cells are our best card yet. And where can we find the best type of stem cells? You got it right – in the baby’s cord blood. Those stem cells there are the most primitive ones and therefore can adapt to any environment you put them in. This gives them healing properties which cannot be comprehended by today’s medical society.

Stem cell research has had a lot of controversy to its name in recent years but as with everything else we should try keeping a focus on the more important breakthroughs which aren’t drowned in doubt. It is a fact that more than 80 diseases can be treated or at least alleviated with stem cell infusion today. This is why cord blood has been more and more popular among people with any of these diseases. There are countless of applications but the most important aspect of the whole process is that we should be able to store such precious things for the future generations or even for ourselves when we grow older and need it the most. 

This is where our company saw an opportunity to shine and grabbed it. We’ve been developing cord blood storing technologies for 11 years now and there is no doubt about it that we are among the best cord blood banking companies in the USA right now.

Our Goal

Our mission is to spread the news about cord blood stem cells and let people realise on their own about its healing effects. The faster we, as a species, accept that stem cells are the way forward, the better things will get. Imagine diseases like Parkinson or Alzheimer’s completely gone from the face of the Earth. This is a future we aim for and we are doing it drop by drop.

You can learn more about us by clicking here to read our About Us page.

We are also firm believers that processing and storage of cells must be a highly regulated process which is why we constantly invest in the newest, most advanced processing techniques to extract the highest possible number of stem cells out of your baby’s blood.

A Look Into Stem Cells

Cord Blood StorageStem cells are a type of parent cell that has the power to transform into any other type of cell family tree it wants. It can become any type of blood cell, or skin cell, or any organ tissue cell. Basically it has the potential to transform into whatever we guide it to. In recent years there has been some strong evidence that stem cells can be used to create neurons and other cells of the nervous system. If this theory finds its way to medical laboratories the possibilities of curing the incurable diseases will be endless. This is the exact reason why eleven years ago, we decided to create this company and help with stem cell innovation and storing.

Stem cells can be found in the bone marrow, in normal adult blood, and in the cord blood. Only the cord blood stem cells are flexible enough to adapt to any other kind of tissue, though. This is why they are ideal for healing processes and weak immune systems. These stem cells work by helping tissues regenerate which is where the name “regenerative medicine” comes from. They can also be used to give your immune system a boost by replacing the older immune cells by newer more potent ones.

Blood Banking Is Too Expensive? Not Anymore.

Cord Blood Uses

Parents often dismiss the idea of storing their baby’s cord blood into a bank because of the high accumulative cost over the years. This isn’t the case with us, though. We offer some of the best prices on the market and if you want to get a special offer just book an appointment and one of our highly trained staff members will give you a call to discuss potential plans.

Any treatment conducted by us or other doctors with stem cells is FDA approved and has been performed countless times all over the world for diseases such as anaemia, various cancer types, metabolic and immune disorders.

How It All Happens

The process of taking the blood consists of four parts:

  • Extraction
  • Transportation
  • Processing
  • Storing


Once you give birth to your child, you need to contact the courier service number we gave you which is included in the collection kit you have. We will send a technician to take care of everything for you. He will come into the hospital and pick up the cord blood.


Later, he will transport it safely and ensure it is processed the right way as quickly as possible. Our workers are available 24/7 for you. This part is designed for your own convenience so whatever happens, whenever it does, we will be there for you.

During all the stages we will be working with your doctor to ensure the quality levels are met and all of your questions are answered.


There are a few things that you have to do before the whole thing. The first one is filing the paperwork for the process during your last trimester. Then you will undergo some routine tests to make sure you got not infectious diseases (a requirement of the FDA).

Once this process is completed and we verify that everything is alright, you will get a collection kit which you need to store at room temperature and keep away from direct sunlight. It is best to keep it in the bag with which you will most likely go to the hospital when giving birth.

When you deliver your child, the physician will cut the umbilical cord and take the placenta away. Inside those there are around 100 millilitres of cord blood. Either the doctor or the nurse will extract the blood and put it in the container we gave you in the kit. This whole process is harmless to you and your newborn.

After you obtain the blood you do what we mentioned earlier. Call us and we will come to collect the blood container. Then we rush that to the lab and proceed to the third step:


The speed with which the blood goes from the hospital to our labs is vital. Furthermore the quicker we process the blood the better the extracted stem cells will be. First, we will test the blood for any contaminants (such as microbes or impurities). We will also call the hospital to check with your test results and make sure everything is good to go.

After everything is cleared we proceed with the final step – removing the red blood cells from the cord blood. We also remove the plasma so the only thing left are mostly stem cells. Both RBC and plasma have a proven negative effect to stem cell treatments.

Lastly, we test the HLA type of the stem cells to determine any future matches or mismatches. Then we give you a call to notify you that everything is alright and we move on to the last part.


This is where years of experience and innovations come into play. We use the most advanced cryo facilities to freeze the blood to temperatures that allow us to store it practically forever. Even if you need these cells in half a decade they will be here safe with us.

Having the latest technologies doesn’t always equal better quality but when it comes to blood banks it is of utmost importance to keep up with the times because newer technologies give us the opportunities for better results, faster and better extractions and safer storing of your baby’s blood.

Why Not Make It A Family Thing?

Stem Cell

Storing umbilical cord blood is good for all of the person’s relatives. If, for example, you store your baby’s blood away and something happens to another family member this blood can be used for its regenerative abilities as family members have a 50% higher match and success rates. This is why we offer family packages that include extracting the stem cells from every newborn in the family. This expands your possibilities and might even let you help other people in the future.

Now, let’s get to the most important part of our company:

Our Customers

Nothing speaks more about a company than it’s customers’ satisfaction. We have a few testimonials from some of our family members to share with you. We take pride in servicing whole families of people and being there for them at any given moment and when love is given, it is most often returned:

Harry’s little sister had some issues with her blood cells and doctors said that we needed some expensive meds. We knew we had Harry’s cord blood stored away so we asked if the stem cells from it can do the job. 1 year later there is no sign of any medical issues in our family and we are more than happy. This investment paid off! Even if we never had to use this blood, the pure assurance with which we are living is enough to keep me happy. Thank you guys!

James Shetfield

Oklahoma City, OK

When Owen was diagnosed with Beta Thalassemia Major we were concerned but we knew we had options since we gave his cord blood at birth to be stored. Now, it is a vital part of his treatment and is actually making things go really well. Words cannot describe how important this should be to parents and why they should at least consider giving away the blood at birth. If the company is right, the price won’t be such an issue. Here we have constant support form their expert staff any time we call and our doctors said that they were getting assistance along the whole process. Thank you Cord Blood Banking USA!

Neil Jacobson

New York City, NY

We never had any issues with my family but I just wanted to come here and say “Thank you!” to everyone involved in this project. The support staff has been helping me literally every time I call with a question. They are always ready to assist and provide anything I need in the form of a medical advice. We are not paying you enough.

Maggy Rickson

Sacramento, CA

To learn more about some of our customer’s stories, see their testimonials here.